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What's for lunch.


Munted Old Cog
Be it home made or takeaway, what are you having for lunch.

Today I picked up a roast chicken while doing the weekly grocery shopping and slapped this simple lunch together.
Tiger bread rolls, cream cheese, my habanero chipotle hot sauce, coleslaw, roast chicken, cheese, salt & pepper and chipotle sauce.

Chipotle sauce - 1/3 cup mayo, 1/3 creme fraiche, a few teaspoons of my chipotle hot sauce, and the juice of a lime.

Two slices of toast from homemade bread (25% whole wheat, 75% white flour), topped with a scrambled egg and a mashed-up half of an avocado, salt, pepper.
Soup mug full of Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle soup to go with it.
For dessert, two Christie's "Pirate" cookies and a small dish of green seedless grapes.
For some reason the Pirate cookies (peanut butter-ish filling) pair well with the green grapes.
Today and just about every day of the year, a sandwich, a crisp fresh carrot cut into four sticks, two spicy marinated green olives with the pits in- part of my physiotherapy regiment, for dessert two Presidents Choice Concerto Dark Chocolate cookies, sublime, half a piece of Lindt Ecuador Dark Chocolate and a big glass of water.

Sandwich is two slices of some sort of whole grain, sprouted, expensive loaf. I get two types of lunchmeat for the week, one is just about always roast beef, often the other is mortadella but there're a slew of cured salamis to pick from as well. Cheese- currently Gruyere, Fruilana had a long run, Kozlik's Sweet & Smokey mustard, Hellmans or kewpie mayo, leaf lettuce. Sometimes add some horseradish/wasabi sauce to the roast beef version.

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Munted Old Cog
Winter is here in Aotearoa. Tomato and capsicum soup, garnished with a Sannam pepper, fresh from the garden. Sourdough bread on the side.

It's not summer here yet and already the last few days have been over 30C, i could enjoy a soup like that on a day like today as much i would in the dead of winter. Looks delicious Chris!
I'm not sure, but I think it will involve some "Black Bomber", a nice sharp Cheddar cheese by Snowdonia.

Makes the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.
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