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What's for Dinner at Your House?

Mr. Nugents Venison log Meatloaf with some Midwestern alterations.

20210110_164045.jpg getting her ready to roll up. venison, ham slices, and sharp cheddar cheese.

rolled up and a bake for one hour at 350 deg F.

I predict not much in the way of leftovers.

Tonight, tacos. The masa is hydrating right now. I'll make about a dozen fresh corn tortillas. Filled with "ground meat mixture" and garnished with onion, cheese, tomatoes, crema and a smear of homemade Salsa de Arbol.

I'm sure it's shocking, but beer will likely make an appearance...

Mrs P decided she wanted Indonesian last night so I let her loose in my kitchen. An old favourite, "daging balado" which is beef in chilli sauce. She did it slightly differently to her usual method, in that traditionally she takes thinly sliced beef and shallow fries them then sets aside to make the sauce, which is red chilis, shallots, garlic, tomato and a dash of tamarind paste. This time we could not find any flank steak in the supermarket so we got two rib eyes, and zapped them in the air fryer. Then sliced and stirred into the sauce. It certainly cut down the mess and clearing up afterwards! Not bad, but as with most Indonesian food, although tasty and spicy, not the most photogenic of dishes.


Aaron Scissorhands
Taiwanese popcorn chicken with fried basil (recipe from New York Times). View attachment 1204694 View attachment 1204695 View attachment 1204696 View attachment 1204697
Last night it was Whataburger bacon cheeseburger and fries. Sadly, during COVID their food quality has gone downhill. The bacon was good, but other than that...
I haven't been to a Whataburger for more then 25 years, maybe because there are other good places. But I went to one 2 weeks ago, and it was pretty good. The Whataburger originated in my neck of the woods in South Texas...as kids we went over there all the time. That being said...it comes down to the cook and the people who prepare the burger. Building a burger is art.
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