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What's for Dinner at Your House?


Cause I wanted a simple dinner I made pasta from scratch stuffed little hats by cooking down some sausage meat blending it up with some goat cheese and spinach. Then got out a can of San marzano toms, gave it the old garlic, oregano basil salt and pepper treatment I topped it with some lemon zest, basil and cracked pepper. a quick three hours later I had every dish in my kitchen to do. Also this dish, with many left overs.


I always forget how tedious it is to do stuffed pasta.
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Well, technically "wives" is plural rather than possessive so ... valid question!

You make "I had a crappy meal" look tasty.
As an example of how the US is killing the English language ( :) ), when we are speaking of the fish named crappie, it’s pronounced croppie.
L'Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends. Tonight was food that I am not capable of cooking myself, or I just don't have the energy. There is a great Jewish Deli/Restaurant near us that I have been getting holiday meals at for several years now. Tonight, on this first night of Rosh Hashanah we started with challah, gefilte fish, apples and honey, matzo ball soup with the fine noodles, thin sliced brisket, kasha varnikas, egg barley, Israeli salad, noodle kugle and cinnamon rugalech. Oh, and I can't forget the Samuel Robert Winery Pinot Noir. I'm stuffed.