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    Thanks Dave. Yup, sous vide for the ribeye. I did some sous vide pork chops earlier this week and they came out really good. I'm liking it a lot so far.
  1. OK gents, this will cover a few dinners while we were away in France last month (already sounds a long time ago!). Our place is in the middle of nowhere and about 20km from the nearest restaurant so our MO is go out daytime, wander around, have lunch and a small carafe (variously called a pichet, or just a pot) 25cl of the local vin rose, then back to the house to cook.

    IMG_1973.JPG IMG_1980.JPG IMG_2004.JPG IMG_2009.JPG IMG_2011.JPG IMG_2031.JPG IMG_2037.JPG IMG_2040.JPG IMG_2048.JPG IMG_2051.JPG

    So, Asian-style stir fried turkey (we always take a bunch of chilli and Asian spices so this is just made up), then fried rice with leftovers and a fried egg for breakfast the following day. Elia made an Indonesian chicken in chilli, coconut milk sauce which I finished on the BBQ, chicken Padang from her mum's hometown, then chicken in a white wine cream sauce and Ile de Re new potatoes, clean plates all round(!) Chicken in vin jaune version 1, with Puy lentils. Marinaded lamb chops in a sort of Greek style oil, lemon, garlic mix and just griddled. Elia's epic beef rendang - took 2 days to cook properly including getting a fresh coconut and extracting the milk herself. Mexican style beef, guacamole and salad, and finally a better attempt at coq au vin jaune.
  2. And dinner just now, a 350g ribeye cooked with aid of my MEATER+
  3. Stinking hot & humid, rain & thunderstorms then the sun comes out and the water evaporates, storm & sun, repeat, fast dash to the grill...

    Staying simple, little prep and quick cook, lime/cilantro slaw, President's Choice Italian Smokies, Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegars, French's Mustard, Strub's relish, pepperoncinis & homemade dills.

    Beverages - Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Smashbomb Atomic IPA

    Music - lots of new stuff to choose from, new releases, oldies we didn't have...

    file4-14.jpeg file3-15.jpeg file2-16.jpeg file1-18.jpeg file-25.jpeg
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    Steak and Potatoes.jpg
  5. Experiment tonight with the chimney, plan was to sear the steak under the coals filled chimney then finish the cook with indirect heat in a low temperature kettle but the temperature ater the sear left no room so stopped the cook after the sear. Not a fail but not as envisioned, work to be done...

    Grilled steak salad, with blue cheese & balsamic glaze, steamed buttered asparagus with dukkah.

    Rib eye, Benedictine Bleu cheese (Quebec), cherry tomatoes, sweet onion and asparagus - farmer's market.
    Arugula, lettuce & kale - backyard, only four tomatoes so far so not enough for this but the plants are shooting up and loaded with flowers, very soon.

    Dessert - Rhubarb/black raspberry pie
    Beverage - Sleeping Giant Brewing Company, 360 Ale
    Music - Jethro Tull - Aqualung

    file-27.jpeg file1-19.jpeg file2-18.jpeg file3-16.jpeg file4-15.jpeg
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    Meatloaf. 1/2 beef & 1/2 pork.

    I put it on the pellet cooker, but it didn't pick up much in the way of smoke, probably because I glazed it too early and didn't give it long enough to smoke at a low temp. It was getting late, and the natives were restless. Still, it was mighty good.

    20190711_202353.jpg 20190711_202425.jpg
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    Doak that looks great. I smoked some ground beef once. It was for Texas Red Chili...turned pretty good with a nice subtle smoke flavor for the chili.
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    Thanks, Aaron. I was told that it actually had picked up more smoke than I thought. That's pretty common, of course. I would have confirmed that, but the small amount of leftovers were gone before I could get to them yesterday.

    I'll definitely do that again. It was ridiculously easy to do, and it also would be easy to put together ahead of time. It was a simple enough recipe.
  9. Thursday's market and a request came in from Barcelona Wednesday night asking for bbq'd short ribs for Saturday's dinner. Market came through with the ribs Thursday so dinner for two Saturday, my daughter's back home and my wife's at a wedding...

    Cross-cut short ribs smothered in evoo, minced garlic, dried oregano, chili flakes, salt and pepper. Grilled on the 'kettle', slowly getting my head around this live fire business. Last of the market asparagus for another year, a very good year, topped with butter, dukkah salt & pepper, first of the 'new' potato, potato salad which my daughter put together, i have to top with much sweet paprika.

    Cobbler assembled from freezer bits and pieces from last summer, time to start filling the freezer again.

    Music - Richard Thompson, 13 Rivers

    file-28.jpeg file4-17.jpeg file1-21.jpeg file3-18.jpeg
  10. Looks great Dave. That potato salad looks delish!
  11. A couple of meals from last week...

    Simple/quick shrimp pasta with chopped tomatoes and basil from the garden...
    Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 12.58.11 PM.png

    Another go at sous vide, a couple cheap strip steaks. 129° for two hours...
    Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 12.57.48 PM.png
  12. Wow, looks awesome! Now I am hungry again :a18:
  13. Thanks BT! ...and great looking dishes, the steaks, more into your wife's range of preference?

    I've some wild US shrimp stashed in the freezer, saving them until the tomatoes in the yard catch up and i can do what you've done there, nice!

  14. Thanks Dave!

    129° seems to be the sweet spot :thumbsup:
  15. In the meantime...

    Scott opened his shop a little over a year ago and i've been buying all our fish & seafood from him for the past three four months. He suggested arctic char for this salmon taco recipe i wanted to try and happy i went with it.

    Blackened/Charred Char taco with a mango, avocado, lime, red onion, cilantro, chili, cherry tomato, (had enough from the garden), salsa. The fish rub was a mix of ancho chili powder, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, oregano, salt and pepper.

    The recipe had you blackening the fish in a hot cast iron pan, to keep it interesting i blackened the fish under a chimney starter and lump charcoal, two minutes per side did he trick.

    Beverage - Broadhead Brewing Company, Dark Horse Stout

    Dessert - more of yesterdays cobbler and Greek Yogurt

    Music - Mexican all the way... & where's @Rushman2112, Rush, Vapor Trails Remixed
    Music - David Bowie, Heroes
    Music - Tom Waits, Swordfishtrombones

  16. The remixed version is the way to go: the original release is unlistenable now but after all Peart went through I never thought we'd see them release anything ever again so at the time I could put up with it(!)
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    Wow! Y'all just keeping hitting balls out of the park!

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