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Jidan Chicken Karaage with spicy honey sauce (I love sauce). Broccoli and rice with Doraemon furikake. Delicious first Saturday of the year.

Traditionally, Karaage is marinated in sake, soy, mirin, garlic and ginger, then coated in potato starch and fried. Sauce is very much rare, but I'm a big sauce fatty.

So this is from Saturday night, when Mrs P was on cookhouse fatigue: all Indonesian specials. Daging Balado, which is fried beef in a chili sauce, thick and sticky and spicy, nasi goreng ayam, chicken fried rice and of course the mata sapi, "bull's eye" fried egg. There is a little dish of hot sauce - soy sauce with chopped bird's eye chili - as a condiment. Andrex in the fridge for Sunday morning...



Have you found that after the loaf thaws it is much more moist than before freezing?
After my mother bakes banana breads she freezes them.
Not reAlly, but bananna, zuchinni, date nut, and carrot cake all freeze well as does cheese cake.
This recipe is real moist from the start, i love it.

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