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What's Brewing - 2011

Today is a costa rican bean roasted by myself...very balanced cup, medium-medium heavy body, lingering aftertaste that is a bit nutty. Roasted almost to full city.
A new grocery store opened nearby, so I bought some eight o'clock coffee in hopes of sampling what should be some their freshest available. I also wanted to get more variety while trying out a different espresso machine. An internet search indicated that the "best buy" date on 8 o'clock is 1 year after roasting, which means it took roughly 6 weeks to travel through the various warehouses and arrive in my shopping basket. I have enjoyed this coffee brand in the past, but was a bit disappointed this time.

The regular roast was much more uneven than I expected. I removed the under ripe beans before making an espresso which was drinkable but nothing to get excited about. It should should make an okay drip.

The decaf looks shiny and dark, maybe a result of the decaffeination process, but it did not work as espresso. It might work as an drip or aeropress