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What's Available in Your Local Supermarket?

In the USA… esp Chicago area you have to order stuff. You might get lucky and find some decent aftershaves but you won’t find shave soaps or brushes.
It’s a small population it services @ least here in US
Need to check Woodmans, as they have German Wilkies for $1.19 a tuck, and shave creams like Cremo, Gillette Pure, Nivea. The also carry after shaves. Plenty of carts hanging, and disposables. Also, up on the north side, Lincoln/Lawrence, you have Merz Apothecary, with Q Brothers(Smallflower), which carries all your shaving needs, from an assortment of razors, straights, blades, and soaps, creams, brushes, and the like. If you can't find want you want there, well, then it doesn't exist. My closest WalMart only carries VDH, and DE blades for the same, with the brush set, or the soap. VDH is how I started this journey years ago, and not sorry I did. Anyway, check those stores...
I was in a .99 cent store yesterday(they seem to have stores in CA, AZ, NV and TX) and they had Personna DE blades(Made in Germany) for .99 cents/5 pack. Not a bad deal for a single 5 pack. I haven't used these exact blades yet but the retail store single pack Personna blades I have used in the past were fairly decent. They also had Old Spice Swagger hair gel for $2.99 which is a very good price for a decent hair gel.
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