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What's Available in Your Local Supermarket?


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Was shopping this morning in my local supermarket to restock food. This was at Coles, one of the two major supermarkets chains in Australia.

While there, I was walking past the mens' shaving section. As usual there was almost nothing dedicated to the traditional wet shaver. There were two KCG DE razors each for AUD 30 (about USD 22) but no matching blades. There was however, one brand of DE blades available, Wilkinson Sword Classic. Ten blades for "only" AUD 14 (USD 10).


I then decided to check out the two pharmacies in town. One had absolutely nothing related to traditional wet shaving. The other had one no-brand boar brush (only) for AUD 14 (USD 10). No DE blades or razors in either pharmacy.​

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Here in the UK the major supermarkets, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, offer King C Gillette blades at £5 for ten and Wilkinson Sword at £2 for five. Sainsburys and Boots also offer their own brand DE blades at £2 for ten. The same stores offer a bag of ten plastic disposable, two blade, own brand razors for £1, even ten Bic Orange are £2. So much for DE shaving being cheaper.
Southeastern EU -German Wilkinson Sword (and plastic Wilkinson sword DE razor), Gillette Platinum and King C. Gillette razors and blades.

As for brushes, a Wilkinson sword boar and a 7 dollar synthetic in one pharmacy chain (DM, Europeans might know). A wide assortment of Gillette disposable razors, they're by far the most popular here. There are of course the Mach 3s and Proglides, but no one buys that, the cartridges are way too expensive and they're so bad.

As for shaving creams, Nivea (blue and white), Palmolive (green and blue) and we have 2 domestic brands of cream that cost like 1.50 euros per tube.

If I want Proraso or any type of other blades, I have to order them online. Thankfully, the Razor blades club website offers very cheap and quick delivery.


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I don’t go to a lot of stores these days and when I do I never waste much time in the shave aisle because there’s nothing in terms of wet shaving. Can foam and gel and carts. “Revolutionary” products like Harry’s razors and maybe cremo. Big box stores seemed to go all in on beard supplies like wash and balm etc. the reverse of wet shaving.


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I have no idea, I've never looked. I get everything online where the world is at my beck and call. But now you've got me curious. I'll check the next time I'm there.


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I can just see how the conversation went between 2 stock boys:
Stock boy #1: "where should I put this Arko stuff?"
Stock boy #2: "I asked my Dad (the manager) and he said, 'by the nose wax kit'....and then he started laughing. I don't know if he was joking or not, but let's just put it there"

I also thought the poster's comment was PERFECT: "Slim pickings" :laugh: I just KNEW that someone was going to comment on this, but apparently I'm the only one with a 12-year-old's sense of humor.
I took to checking at a couple of stores near me (Jacksonville, FL, USA) in the month or 2 after I started with my DE. At 2 Publix supermarkets near me, there were zero safety razors, zero brushes, zero blades, only brushless creams (VDH, Cremo, Gillette Pure) to go with canned stuff, and Nivea aftershave balm.

IIRC, CVS and Walgreens (drug stores) had KCG razors and blades (at least 1 did, I think both) but no brushes, only brushless creams, and Nivea balm. I'm less certain about those, but I'm unlikely to go into a drug store anytime soon to double-check.
I live in Taiwan.
Within a ten-minute walk of my house, there are several drugstores/household stores where you can buy Gillette super blue/Gillette super thin/Dorco/feather blades; and I can buy personna blades within a 10-minute walk from the workplace.

But supermarket chains or stores usually do not have these options.
Lots of wet shaving goodies locally in India where I live.

  • Gillette line of blades green , black, Wilkinson Sword
  • Super-Max blades
  • Some other brand of blades
  • Gillette guard razors
  • Shaving creams. Godrej and other brands
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