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what's a scent regardless of brand that is a staple in your rotation?

So I was thinking this morning, and I thought it would be interesting to know, but what is a scent profile that you have always had in your rotation in one brand or another? for me it's a bayrum and a lavender scent, I will always no matter what have two of those scents in any brand of aftershave at any one time.

I'd be interested to hear what a staple scent is for the rest of the community.
I seem to have inadvertently bought more than a few “inspired by Creed” shaving products and love them. I can’t see not having any of these Creed homages any time soon.

I like lime scents for the summer also.
I always enjoy a typical aqua di parma colone scent such as stirling piacenza, Razorock XXX, Barrister & mann seville, however one of my new favourites nowadays is Ariana & Evans Kaizen
I don't know enough to classify scents (or at least my sniffer doesn't work well enough), but I like Brut Classic and Stirling's Executive Man, a Creed Aventus knockoff. I like the latter enough that I've looked for other such knockoffs, and will probably always have one or the other.
Proraso Green has been in my rotation since i started wet shaving in 2013. Admittedly i use it more in the summer months not so much in the dead of winter.

Stirling's Executive Man and Sharp Dressed Man i use year round.
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