What's a good synthetic brush under $30?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Kelvin0683, Dec 19, 2018.

    You essentially have one if you got the Rocket. It’s the same Plissoft knot as the Razorock Big Bruce. Really great! :001_005:
  1. Yaqi!
  2. If u can get it online anywhere, give a try to Pearl SMB-501SY, its synthetic, handle is beautiful chrome, hefty built, very soft hairs, creates ample lather easily. Great VFM, also try pearl's badger ones.
  3. mrlandpirate

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    705.jpg great brush
  4. Any of these three are well under $30 and are just plain awesome!

  5. L.A. Jones

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    The Atomic Rocket is a steal for the price.
  6. nav


    For a gift, the Yaqi moka handle synthetic would be nice as the knot is great and the handle is just awesome!
  7. nav


    Fantastic choices :)
  8. No love for anything APShaveCo around here anymore? Let's not forget that Al's knots are made by Yaqi but are different spec'd and are more dense than the Yaqi counterpart for a couple bucks more...
  9. I like the Yaqi rainbow quite a bit. Also the RR metal 400 imitation with the black knot is a favorite.
  10. Anyone use the Fine Accoutrements Classic "Angel Hair" brushes?
  11. I love Yaqi synth.
    R1821 Rainbow with SK06 Horse 28x57mm
    Custom Bat71 with SK07 Cashmere 24x50mm (aka Maggard Beige)

    Great value for money
  12. Following this thread!
  13. I haven't posted in forever but this one caught my eye. I highly recommend whippeddog.com for synthetic brushes. Larry Andreassen sells an outstanding product at an outstanding price. Plenty of options for synthetic brushes under $30. In fact, I've been using his brushes exclusively for more than the past three years - the first one I bought from him was in September of 2015. My considerable collection of badger brushes seldom see daylight anymore. The synthetics have gotten that good since I started wet shaving over ten years ago.
  14. I purchased my synthetic back in early 2016. Awesome performance. It’s the only brush I use now.
    • RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush - 26mm MONSTER for $10.99
  15. Hannah's Dad

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    Picked up a Yaqi 22mm synthetic with Cola handle. Wow is this fantastic. It’s a smaller knot than I was used to, but it has great backbone and splay. A real bargain for under $20!
  16. Acmemfg

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    A Muhle STF knot in a Rudy Vey handle is simply as good as you are gonna get..cost notwithstanding.
  17. Yup.

    I got a 24 mm SynBad last fall, and out of a dozen brushes in rotation (synths, badgers, and boars) I choose it at least 90% of the time now.
    It currently goes for $26.50 CAD.
  18. The razorock plissoft 400 is the best brush I’ve ever used at any price. The handle weighs a ton and actually retains heat. The knot is soft, stiff, scent less, and lossless.

    Seriously a game changer for me. I have 2 now just because another one was ultra cheap on Black Friday. $12!!

    Edit: my first one was only $15.
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