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What’re you 3 favorite SMELLING soaps?

TOBS Eton College
Wickham Club Cola
WARS - but mostly for nostalgic reasons. I shaved with this exclusively during my college years because it was cheap. But, recently rediscovered that performance is also top 3!
Arianne and evans Amber rose
Stirling black ice
Scheermonnik delfts wit


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B&M Hallows
B&M/WCS Beaudilare

Third is tied between Nuavia Blu and A&E Which Ones Pink? Can't decide. And as of today P&B Star Noir gets honorable mention.

Always on the look out for new software. Kind of a scent junkie.
Shew, this is a difficult question!!!

For the time being (and this will change next week) I have to say:

Fine - 21st Century
Stirling - Mountain Man
PAA - Club Guy
SV Felce Aromatica
Mike's Lime
Stirling Rosemary Mint

This isn't a firm list though and there's a laundry list of 'special mentions'. Tabac, B&M Cool, and CRSW Vetyver Fresco would probably be my next 3.
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