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Whatever happened to Rooney brushes?

I began wet shaving probably 25 years ago and remember Rooney brushes were highly recommended. Grew a beard, took time off from shaving for a decade or so. Returned to find some things different. This appears to be one of them. What happened Rooney brushes? They used to be all over the place it seemed.
It seemed like he wasn’t willing to eat his losses in his last couple of batches. I remember one seller refusing to sell them after a number had issues and the big vendor that he made a name with sold the final batch on clearance. I tried three from the final batch of non heritage brushes. A 1/1 was amazing, but the rest you’d be better off with TNG silvertip grade A.

A Morris Forndran I received was semi lackluster. It’s from the in between period where he had a couple of non standard handles immediately before working with Paladin. That seemed to fall through as well (not sure?)
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