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What would you choose: Razorock Baby Blue or Cella Colonia Classica and why?

I like (probably most of you also) citrus combination with aftershave.
I was checking italianbarber and saw Razorock Baby Blue which has many positive reviews and huge 400ml glass bottle and also Cella Colonia Classica 250ml without any review...
I used Cella shave cream and it is very good (also Razorock 2 creams). If shave creams are similar probably aftershaves should have similar "value".
Maybe somebody has 2 product and can give me some feedback what is as on the "+" side and "-".
Or maybe you have other suggestions?


Can't speak to the Cella aftershave but you can't go wrong with Baby Blue. Such a great value for 19.99 and it is a terrific aftershave. Smells great (sweet, powdery citrus) and always leaves my face feeling great.
Late to this thread ... I am a huge fan of the Cella Classica! However, it's a cologne, not an aftershave.
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