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What will be your first purchase for the New Year

As 2013 comes to close, what will your first purchase for the new year. My blade stash has reached a critical inventory low. Definitely blades will be my first purchase for the New Year.
I'll be part of the 2014 Sabbatical, so no purchases here. I did just pick up a beautiful jar of MdC Fougere to keep me happy though!
My wife and I are planning a trip to twelve oaks mall in Novi, MI the day after Christmas. this is a good two hours from our home so we are going to stay overnight in a motel. The mall has an Art Of Shaving, Loccitane Cade, The Body Shop and a couple other shops that should appeal to the wet shaver in me. Should be an intereafing trip.
A puck of Tabac to get me through the 2014 sabbatical. I have lots of other soaps but I would be sad if I had to go a year without Tabac
I have been contemplating another Muhle V2 synth to go along with my 19mm which I really really really like,,,, like A LOT :001_smile

Just not sure whether to get a 21mm or 23mm.
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