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What was your Newb moment?

Hey all,

So I've been wet shaving/de shaving for a few months now and I AM still new at this. To be fair, I'm getting irritation free, close shaves and most importantly (to me) I've turned a chore into a pampering pleasure. That said, I was thinking today about my goals in wet shaving (which, btw, are to shave daily both my head and face using only a DE with ZERO irritation)

Anyway, I got to be thinking about the idea of being a newbie. For those of us who have been at this for a few months, of course we're still new at this. For those of you who have been at this for 50+ years, you're not newbs!!! I figure the middle ground is a little more subjective, i.e. everyone stops feeling like a newb at different points.

So, if you care to share, "What was your moment? Or what was your gradual realization? That made you feel like you weren't a Newbie anymore?"

Let's share some stories! (I DO love shaving stories, that's how I know I'm hooked and possibly a bit weird)

My moment was when I got a comfortable, irritation-free shave from my Merkur 37c after switching from my Lord L6. Took me a good few shaves before I got the hang of the slant, and the difference in aggressiveness and weight between the two razors made me feel like I had really learned (not mastered of course) the art of DE shaving.
I doubt I'll ever stop feeling like a newbie. I'm full of dumb questions every time I get something new.

+1 for the dumb questions

Still, I feel like I've come a long way when I realize just how far the bar for "irritation/razor burn free" has moved over my year and two months of practice. Every once in a while I go back to a combo that worked "well" for me at the start, and realize just how much better my current methods are. For instance, my first premium product was DR Harris Lavender, and I can remember being convinced that Joel was a jerk for insisting that there are better products out there. My mind just couldn't concieve of my shave getting any better than Harris made it. Having tried 8 other products since then, Joel is now vindicated, and I am fully aware that I still have lots of room for improvement.
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About two weeks ago when I finally got the lather right (after about 8-9 months). Now it's onto MAD. $image.jpg$image.jpg


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