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What was your last shave of the year?

Vintage Torrey 5/8"
SOC Boar from Christmas
Arko / tabac (bits and pieces of old tabac puck frankensoaped with Arko)
Witch hazel
Barbasol pacific blast (whatever that blue AS is)

Sweet, unhurried shave.
Goodfella razor
Derby blade
Proraso pre/post cream
Proraso shave cream
TOBS pure badger
EJ lather bowl
Thayers original witch hazel
Prep: Proraso Pre & Post Green Tea and Oat
Cream: QCS Basilica
Brush: Vulfix2234S
Razor: Schick I1 w / Schick blade (3)
Post: Alum/Nivea Sensitive Post mixed w/ Lavender Witch Hazel
AS Balm: QCS Basilica

Rhodium re-plated Gillette NEW Short Comb head on an iKon Bulldog Handle.
Arko and Volobra sticks Super Lather (mixed on face)
Feather Blade
TGN Super Silvertip knot in a brush I put together
Alum Block
Vintage Sun-Up aftershave
YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme EDT

Very nice shave...BBS everywhere.
Merkur 34C HD razor
Shark Stainless Steel blade
Semogue 1460 boar brush
CO Bigelow cream
Clubmen Bay Rum

Took the day off. Nice leisurely shave.
Nivea pre-shave scrub.
VDH badger brush.
Meijers store brand DE blade.
Cremo shave cream.
Late father in law's 1953 Super Speed
Thayer's rose witch hazel
Nivea AS balm
Meijers Spice AS (Old Spice knock off seems pretty close to "classic" OS)
Ej 89 (as its my only razor right now)
personna blade
proraso pre shave
proraso green
Jack black post shave cooling gel

and now I'm feeling refreshed as it was 10 min ago
Synthetic badger from TGN in my father's Surrey handle
Body Shop Shave Cream, <2009 formula, laced w. KMF fragrance free, bowl lathered
Schick twin blade disposable w. sliding plastic cap/top plate (1st pass)
Schick Krona w. 7 o'clock yellow (2nd pass +touch-up)
Target witch hazel
Nivea Sensitive ASB

About 44 hrs. since previous shave, so I started with the twin blade disposable for a quick mow-down first pass. Then grabbed the Krona
as it was already loaded with a blade. Stopped at DFS to save time and because going for BBS can lead to too many weepers. Mostly
grabbed what was readily available, rather than open a new pack of blades and load a razor.

DFS was just fine for getting me through the evening.
Fabulous to say the least:

* Hot flannel soak
* Castle Forbes Pre Shave
* Thiers-Issard horn brush
* Pils 101NE
* Iridium super
* Castle Forbes Limes
* Alum block
* new Simpson Shave Balm
* Lubin Le Vetiver

Charles U.K
Semogue OC Boar
LaToja soap
Muhle R41
Gillette 7 O'Clock Green
Bloc Osma Alum
Ogallala Sandalwood AS
Nivea ASB
C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream
Gillette 1967 Slim Adjustable (7)
Personna Blue Med Prep
Escali Badger brush
Old Spice AS
Neutrogena Razor Defense Post-Shave Lotion

Performed a 3 pass shave with excellent results! A perfect shave a perfect night.
Italian Barber 2012 LE Semogue Boar brush
Proraso Pre-Post prep
Thayers Superhazel
Real Shaving Co Aftershave Balm
Badger & Blade Essential Boar brush
Williams + KMF Lavender super-lather (OK, the Williams is basically a lathering platform for the cream!)
'56 Gillette Red Tip
Personna Super (Lab)
Dickenson's WH
Nivea Sensitive Aftershave Balm
I started the New Year wit a save at 1205am. lol!
last save was 12-31-12 at 8am
omega pure badger
de89 barley chrome
TOBS Mr Taylors
Aqua Velva Blue
some Osage rub sprayed on the body
Jack Black facial moisturizer. (Still have this bottle from last xmas, lasts a long time)
Happy new year gents!!
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Shower and shampoo
Merkur Vision Silvertip
Cella, Bigelow cream, glycerin uberlather Woodhead scuttle
7/8 Torrey 258 SR
Merkur Vision with Feather
Thayers WH Lemon
Dominica Bay Rum Lime
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