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What Was Your Cream Today?

D'amaris Original + Proraso Aloe & Vitamin E balm. "For a close and refreshing shave" indeed.

Interesting, @malocchio 's tube has blurb in Romanian while mine has it in English. It also looks more like the tube for the now very rare sensitive version of the cream. I wonder if D'amaris Sensitive cream was discontinued.

My tube , and box , both have Romanian one side , English the other side. According to Solea the Sensitive is still in production ....... D'Amaris Barber - http://www.nplusultra.com/solea-men-amaris-barber
Cyril Salter from a West Coast sample pack.
Not crazy about it tbh. I have a well with rock hard water, but even still I whipped up a decent lather but it seemed to provide no slickness. At all. My razor bumped over my face like worn wipers on a lightly damp windshield.

So far in this pack Taylor of Old Bond Street is my favorite. DR Harris second, Cyril Salter third. Plenty more to go though.
Arko Ice Mint. Lovely scent, great lather with a good menthol punch and very skin friendly.


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Arko Ice Mint is long discontinued, Rick - sorry to say.
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