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What Was Your Cream Today?

I knew I recognised that brand. Kaufland, one of their own store brands. It's been a while since I've seen it used. They even have text in Romanian on it but I've not seen it in the store here.

It’s made by Aroma, the same company that produces the beautiful Viking creams. Here’s a picture of the bar code:


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Arran Lochranza Shaving Cream. Another great shave with this cream, only complaint is that the scent isn't very strong.
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After some help from @Cesare I decided to take a chance on the Fitjar line. My delivery arrived yesterday from the manufacturer in Norway and I used it for the first time this morning. I got the full line up with ‘stubble softener’ soap, shave cream and balm.

My initial impressions are
1. Scent is very nice. I get freshly sawn timber. Light but present. Similar vibe to Sebum Gold.
2. Skin conditioning is excellent. For me, one of the best if not the best post shave going. This was using the full line up.
3. I have fairly sensitive skin. Unfortunately I end up ruling out a large proportion of shave soaps due to a skin reaction from using them. After three passes many can leave my skin itchy or burning. Not so with Fitjar. Absolutely zero reaction to this one. I’d say this is a safe bet for anyone with sensitive skin.
4. I don’t think the stubble softener did anything more than a normal shower would but it is a very nice face wash with some quality ingredients. It gets the skin soft and supple feast for the shave. As a face wash I like it a lot. I’m not convinced that it has any stubble softening properties.
4. Balm is fantastic. Spreads easily and soaks in fairly quickly. After 30 seconds the balm soaks in completely and leaves a smooth, dry, non-greasy finish. No skin tightness what so ever. The conditioning effect lasts all day and the balm does not feel heavy. The balm is a winner.
5. The cream. Hmmmm…. These are first use impressions but I feel like the cream sacrifices some slickness to achieve it’s high level of skin conditioning. It just sneaks into the slick enough category for me without being exceptional in this category. Water content is a little tricky to balance. There is a narrow window between too dry and starting to get runny. Time will tell if I am able to dial it in effectively. The lather has a low structure. It seems unwilling to generate a thick fluffy foam. More of a thin coating of dense lather. I did not notice any lather dissipation which is a plus. An almond size amount was plenty for a three pass shave.

So far I definitely like the Fitjar range. I will need to spend some more time with it to see if I can dial in the lather. It did provide an excellent shave for me. No nicks or irritation and my skin feels great for using it. If there is one downside, so far it would be slickness. Currently slickness is just ok.


I recently ordered some of this cream and really want to love it. I really enjoy the smell. However, no matter how much or how little water I use, it dries out on my skin and makes for an uncomfortable and irritable shave. Is there any trick to using this stuff?
I wet my brush, or tips if synthetic, then shake the water out. I leave a table spoon of water in a bowl. I put two almond sized dollops on my brush (probably too much). Swirl the brush in the bowl to mix the dollops into the bristles. Face lather for a minute or so. Smooth it out. Wet tips of brush and work that in. I repeat wetting the tips and working it in until I can't raise peaks with the brush with the lather on my face, and I begin to see my skin color peek through the lather. I find it doesn't dry out and it's super slick at that point. I hope this helps.
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