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What Was Your Cream Today?

First post! Thank you all for all the advice and all-night-reading. Now to the topic at hand.

So, iv’e been on an endless search for THAT product. You know...the one. The one that will make my blade glide across my face like a russian figure skater during the olympics. Face feel that would rival smashing your face into warm marshmallows. More protection and cushion than an Abrams tank charging over kittens. You get the point. The closest i’ve come to said criteria is as close as solving the case of Jack the friggin ripper. BUT! Fear not. I think i’ve found the product that takes me a foot closer to kitten-charging.

One of the most obscure creams ever...at least to my limited knowledge.

the cream is ”MAN shaving cream” by ”Ramallah”. This is a cream from Lebanon. Packaging reminds of a flip-flop inside of a festival toilet. Much to be desired. But the goop inside. As Sam Jackson puts it in Jurassic Park — ”Hold on to yo butts!”.

first time using this was like how I would imagine losing your virginity to a pornstar would feel like. Confusing, awkward, somewhat instructive and it’s all over in about 20s(as in that’s how fast it took to lather and shave). After the shave i just stood there. Sinead O’Connors ”Nothing compares” blasting in the background while it all sunk in.

Lathering/Lather - You could lather this with toilet cleaner. 10s boom, lather. Slick and goopy. Like a cross between La Toja and Palmolive.

Slickness - 10/10. Greased lightnin’ I tell ya!

Cushion - Read above criteria

Post - Meh.

If you can find this. Buy it. Don’t ask me how I got it.

Used a Simpsons Commodore X2, Karve B. Proraso red pre. Been DE shaving for about 4 years. First time a got a completely irritation free shave. Go Lebanon.
Pre de Provence Bergamot and Thyme.
Used it Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Can't make a lather with it. I wound up using it as a brushless cream.
I’ve had my eye in this one. What’s the performance like?
Performance wise it's a solid performer and one I would buy again. On purely performance I personally rate it slightly below D.R. Harris and TOBS but slightly above the Proraso tubes (I've only tried red and green). Scent wise it is fantastic, being a perfume house that's where they really surpass more shaving focused companies.
how do you find the exec shaving cream, I've not tried any of their creams or soaps yet, but i was going to drive over and pick up a few things, are they good quality🤔(i have their Outlaw razor)👍🏼
I really like them, my favourites are the natural and bay rum. I have all four, the Citrus and the mint are great for the summer. Along with Castle Forbes they're the best creams I've tried. So if you're close go for it!:thumbup:
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