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What Was Your Cream Today?

Al's Goodfella's Shaving Cream. The scent is wonderful and the shave is smooth. Looking forward to picking up some different scents and possibly try some of the aftershave.
Joe Grooming...SWMBO picked up a sample bottle of it and Billy Jealousy last night at a store where she picks up makeup. Figured I would try it this morning. Worked pretty well.
After reading contradictory information about Cremo in two different threads, I tried a little experiment. I put Cremo in my bowl and got a thin lather out of it. Sufficient to use but I wanted more. I added a dollop of Proraso from the green tube and then a few drops of Shave Secret. Went at it with my vintage open comb. Got a BBS with just TWO quick passes. Not a nick or a weeper in sight. CWS, WH and EMJ mint and I'm right as rain. Appropriate since it's raining outside =)