What Was Your Beard and/or Moustache Oil or Balm Today ?

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Judah_Iam, Mar 18, 2016.

    Beardology Trinity beard oil
  1. Cremo Forest Blend
  2. Beardology Cedar & Sage beard oil
  3. GBS Cigar Blend
  4. Clubman 2-1 beard conditioner.
  5. J T

    J T

    Dubs Balm
  6. Beardology Barbershop Beard Balm
  7. My beard oil and moustache wax are both homemade.

    The beard oil is 50% fractionated coconut oil, 25% virgin argan oil, and 25% golden jojoba oil, and maybe just a drop or two (dependent on quantity mixed) of tea tree oil. My moustache wax is the same beard oil as above, with white beeswax pellets/beads added until it reaches the right consistency. The result is relatively low scent, and doesn't clash with my use of nasal snuff.
  8. Brand new beard ..... three weeks and counting. My wife loves it, and so do I ! So it's a keeper for now.
    Just bought a 2 oz. bottle of "Honest Amish Pure Oil." Tons of great reviews, so I'm looking forward to it.
  9. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    Best Damn Beard Balm
  10. dangerousdon

    dangerousdon Moderator Emeritus

    Straight up argan oil
  11. J T

    J T

    Dubs Balm
  12. Mountaineer Brand WV Coal beard oil and balm.

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