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What was the last documentary you watched?

Battling Bastards of Baseball on Netflix.

Very interesting story about the Portland, OR minor league baseball team (Mavericks) founded by Bing Russell in 1972. He was an actor and father of actor Kurt Russell.

The Mavs were the last of the independent (not affiliated with an MLB team) in the minors. They lived up to their name in every respect from management to player selection to on-field play.

If you love baseball, this is a must-see documentary.

Grab a beer and some popcorn, put your feet up, click "Play" and enjoy.
Al Capone on PBS. Best documentary I saw was on Valentino in the theater. Fantastic if you ever get to see it.
I watch a lot of documentaries. The last that I watched was Hitler's G.I. Death Camp. I never knew that so many American G.I.s ended up in concentration camps. The documentary was not good, but it was nice to at least find the information out.
I saw four recently:

TIM'S VERMEER - Funded by illusionists Penn and Teller, this tells the amazing story of inventor/technologist Tim Jenison, who aimed to explain one of the abiding mysteries in the art world: how Jan Vermeer managed to paint at a level never seen before in art history. The story goes to posit how the unexplainably brilliant Dutch painter may have been explainably brilliant. ***1/2 of four

THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS - I've seen this film twice already - once in a theater, and recently on video - and I'm blown away by it. Using a combination of neo-realistic and verite/newsreel filmmaking, the story follows French police and Algerian revolutionaries as they discover the price of freedom. A classic. **** of four

THE UNKNOWN KNOWN - Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under George Bush the younger, comes across as glib, smart, and maybe a little obstinate as he recounts his life, career, highs, and lows. Filmmaker Error Morris peels enough layers of the Rumsfeld veneer to see how he thinks. *** of four

TABLOID - Young love, disillusion, Mormon missionaries, a kidnapping plot, a British tabloid industry gone bonkers, pit balls, and miracle gene splicing experiment make for a story wilder than you'll ever find on any tabloid. I've rarely had so much fun watching a documentary, and I've seen a lot of them. **** of four
The last one I think was Blackfish, the story of Killer Whales in captivity at Seaworld and other aquariums. Apparently the attendance has dropped significantly as a direct result of the documentary.
The last one I think was Blackfish, the story of Killer Whales in captivity at Seaworld and other aquariums. Apparently the attendance has dropped significantly as a direct result of the documentary.
If you liked this and haven't seen The Cove yet, it is a must-see.
AHC has been doing a series on World War I called "Apocalypse WWI". I have been watching that and have it set on the DVR so I never miss it. Very interesting and informative.

If it counts I watched the "documentary" :)blink:) on "Submarine", the 30ft long great white off the coast of South Africa. Seeing as it was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, I was hoping it would be somewhat scientific and they would examine whether or not a great white can actually get that big. NOPE, pure malarkey, Big disappointment.
Sushi - the Global Catch. (on Netflix)
Interesting look at the history and recent massive growth in the popularity of sushi. Most fascinating was the huge fish market in Tokyo and the description of the 7 year apprenticeship to become a qualified sushi chef. (IIRC they don't even touch the fish for the first 3 or 4 years)
Also went into how it's popularity is not sustainable and how some organizations are trying to fighure out how to "farm" fish used in sushi -- which isn't currently done and has never been successful in producing sushi-grade product.
haha...so I watched a documentary on "Bronies" last night on netflix.

My daughter just got REALLY into the cartoon My Little Pony because there are 4 seasons on netflix. At this point, I've watched more than my fair share of episodes at this point since thats all she asks to watch when we allow TV time. Apparently there is a movement of men high school aged and older who love My Little Pony and call themselves "Bronies". Its not a cartoon I would have watched without being subjected to it from my daughter, but after watching the documentary, and knowing what the show is about, I can see the appeal outside of the intended demographic.
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