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What type of boots are these?

I really like the look of these boots, problem is I don't know anything about them. Do you guys know the brand and model? Thanks.


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Looks very similar to the Trench boot by Oak Street Bootmakers out of Chicago or they may be a pair of Aldens, although I don't recognize the model offhand.

Check out www.theshoemart.com

Alden Men's 45625H
Style #: 45625H

After another look, it looks like the Alden plain toe Indy Boot in natural chromexcel.
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I've heard the indies hold up forever. And can likely be resolved only getting better with age. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks guys! Saw the $500 price tag for "work boots", a bit much for me.

They are "work boots" the same way a horse is safe and reliable transportation.

You have them because you like them and want them.

If you want a more affordable boot with the same aesthetic, check out Chippewa or Chippewa's boot made for LL Bean:


I don't own a pair of Alden's yet, but I do own a pair of wolverine 1000 Miles. They are good boots, very nice looking, but I would not slog around in the mud and dirt in them. I would trust the chippewas with actual work, though, they just seem more bulletproof.
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