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What TV series you watching?

Back for a third viewing (binge?) of "Downton Abbey." How I long for that world (or at least the better parts of it).

Next up it will probably be the base degradation of "The Wire."

I guess I suffer from "bi-polar viewing disorder."
I've been watching Midnight Diner on Netflix. There are two versions, though. The original which started in 2014 and the newer one from 2019 with the suffix "Tokyo Stories". The latter has the same restaurant owner but I haven't watched it. I recommend starting with the original. Oh, how it makes me long to visit Japan again and the Shinjuku district, among others. The Season1/Episode 5 "Butter Rice" is very good.
Last weekend I dipped into a 1-season 1961 TV series that I have only read about (and used to see listed in TV Guide), Cain's Hundred. Mark Richman plays a former mob lawyer who's joined up with the Feds, and has a mission to bring down the 100 worst criminals in America. The episode that caught my attention was "The Debasers: Milton Bonner and Philip Colerane." Cain pursues a businessman who has made his fortune in porn, and tries to get the porn guy's public relations man to turn on him. Colerane, the PR guy, is played by my man Robert Vaughn, 3 years before U.N.C.L.E.

No gunplay, no titillation despite the porn focus, but a solid drama with a good performance by RV.
It turns out, too, that at least 2 episodes of the 1961 series Bus Stop are on YooToob. One, "A Lion Walks Among Us," was notorious and outrageous in its day for the amount and type of violence in it. The other, the last episode, based on a story by Robert Bloch, was mentioned in Stephen King's 1980 book Danse Macabre as possibly one of the most frightening stories ever done on TV up to that time. I shall report back.
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