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What TV series you watching?


The Aussie Bulldog
Rewatching “Great American Railway Journeys” with Michael Portillo.
Night Stalker Documentary on Netflix.
I found this documentary fascinating and it was a bit lurid, appealing to my morbid sense of curiosity. I really liked how they slowly built the story until we finally meet the killer in the last episode. I would very much like to have seen much more exploring the killer's background and state of mind. What was the evolution of how he came to doing the things he did? Why did he do it and do it repeatedly? What would trigger him? How did he plan and choose his victims? What were his thoughts and feelings before, during and after his horrible acts? They obviously had interview tapes with him. I think they could have gone much deeper into the man and his motivations but the series was still well done and fascinating.


So my 5 year old grandson insisted on the volume of David Copperfield on the nightstand. We read chapter one over the weekend. It's got me jonesing for my favorite Dickens adaptation on video, Nicholas Nickelby as performed by the Royal Shakespeare company.
Just started watching Shameless (the original UK version). I've seen most of it before but my OH hasn't seen it so re-watching it all.

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
We are watching Fauda and are on S2 E8. Way overrated, to me. Crying and shooting. I do not think I like any of the characters, and their inner turmoil has become tedious to me.
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