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What TV series you watching?

Hill Street Blues. It's strange. I recall the series when it was new in the '80s, but never watched it (though I recall my aunt-in-law, a uniformed cop, referring to the show as "my training film"). Both it and NYPD Blue have been running on the Heroes & Icons channel. Despite HSB being almost 40 years old now, I am more drawn to the characters and situations than I ever have been with Det. Sipowicz, his partners and their travails.

Maybe it's precisely because HSB is not so modern; there is almost no mention of computers (which were new to consumers then) and no cell phones. Maybe it's nostalgia, too, or that I simply like the actors better.
The third episode of the famous 1967-68 ABC series The Invaders. MeTV started the series over with episode 1 about 2 weeks ago, and I've been trying to catch each episode in order. This third one features Suzanne Pleshette as a stripper in a border town and Edward Andrews as a reporter who wants David Vincent's story . . . but all is not as it appears. Paranoia strikes deep, right? This is apparently the episode, too, where we first see how the invaders flash red and vanish when they die on Earth.

As Vincent, Roy Thinnes is very solid. He would have made a good secret agent in one of the serious spy shows or movies of the time. And for a series produced by Quinn Martin, who was much more about the "realistic" police show, this works well and takes itself and its premise seriously.

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Finished the first season of Trapped last night on Prime. Really good through out.

We are about three episodes into the second season. I have heard it is not quite as good as the first season, but it seems great so far.


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Currently watching Scottish Vets Down Under. It is about 2 Scottish Vets who moved out here to Bendigo Australia and have different practices. One specialises in horses and the other in small animals.
Watched the entire Bridgerton series on Netflix In 2 days (8 hours).

Normally not my thing at all, but my wife started watching it and I slowly got sucked in to watching the damned thing.

Very weird but interesting take on the Recency/Georgian era in early 1800 London. Think Pride and Prejudice with more sex and backstabbing. Very well cast and the cinematography and costumes are fantastic.
Finished all three seasons of YELLOWSTONE. A bit disappointed at the conclusion of S3, but looking forward to S4.

Just started Netflix miniseries Night Stalker, and the wife and I started watching Wayne on Prime, as well.


Just started watching Return to Treasure Island on a recommendation. Two episodes in and it is incredibly good. This is a great continuation of the character that Robert Newton did so well, only this time played by Brian Blessed.
I recently started watching Star Trek: TNG. I figure there's no way I'd make it through every episode...so I found 2 lists that I'm combining. A "25 essential episodes" and another to watch before viewing Picard. Since I received Picard Season 1 for Christmas, figured I might as well.

Also started watching Dragon Prince with my wife and daughter. Only a handful of episodes in, but seems good so far.
Erased, a manga/anime on Netflix. I couldn't seem to find a movie I was in the mood to watch so I gave this a try and found it a surprisingly compelling watch. I had the day off so I watched it all in one day. (12 episodes, approx. 4.5 hours total) If you are into this type of thing/genre, I'd recommend it.
Considered a “TV mini-series” but really could survive as a collection of short films/movies...I’m going through Small Axe from Steve McQueen.

It’s a different time and place historically (really only a generation or two separation at most) but it’s based on true stories. To say it’s heart rending and yet powerful just doesn’t do it justice. It’s just wow.

Within the last couple weeks also finished watching Vikings, latest season of The Expanse, and latest Season of Cobra Kai.

Just finished VIKINGS, loved the series and the history that was behind the show knowing it was not in order etc. that it was in there was nice.
I think it finished well enough after starting off really well then kind of losing itself for a couple seasons.
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