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what to use until I can get a Tony Miller?

I got my straight razor a couple weeks ago when he was not making strops and now he is out this week which I'm not complaining about. But, is there anything else I can use until I can get my hands on one? I'll try to catch them in stock next week. I picked up a $3 strop from an antique store and it survived the soap brush without deteriorating but has cracks on the edges and the top and bottom as well as a couple nicks so I don't think it is useable and if it is will be alot of work. I know Zeepk is junk but couldn't find any info on the other ebay brands so probably not any better. Almost ordered an Illionis strop but read were someone had to work it pretty good when new to get it pliable and not much cheaper then the Miller. Was thinking of the beginner Latigo, don't know what the cotton is for if your not using a paste.
I'm trying to get by on my new Gillete Super adjustable but the only blades I can get local (Personna) are not cutting for me. I get razor burn and dragging/pulling. I tried splashing hot water and waiting a couple minutes, pre-lather then wait a couple minutes, shower first, and even barbasol. Nothing works. My hot water is only 120F so maybe that is the culprit?
I lost my Parkar which I don't mind as that one wasn't giving me a very good shave and for a couple months just looked rough and trimmed with a beard trimmer. My hand me down DE razor I loved until it got broken but maybe I had hotter water then?
If you are looking for something to use until you get your TM Strop
in some days, you could go with newspaper and your hand.
Yes, you can strop on both. Newspaper will act like a very mild abrasive
and should not be used before every use.
Your hand will actually be able to strop your razor pretty good.

Make a flat "handshake" hand and strop on your flat palm.
This way you can get along some days, even weeks, without the need of a strop.
If, however it will take a little more time to get your strop
you should consider buying a cheap leather

For the palm stropping:
But take your time and use caution :)
I do this prior to every shave
I purchased a Filly Strop from Ruprazors.com this week. Should be here early next week... If I do well with that (and stick with the straight) Ill order a nicer strop later...
+1 for a Filly!

...On a side note, the thought of using my hand as a strop makes me cringe just thinking about it!
Simple. Get the Filly. :cool:

...On a side note, the thought of using my hand as a strop makes me cringe just thinking about it!

You're not the only one, especially if your using your the palm! You mess up there, you're in trouble. I don't care if someone suggested it, just don't do it. Potentially screwing up your hand just so you can shave with a straight is not worth it. :scared:
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