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What to expect from SRD and Dovo

Well Mrs. Leche wants to eventually buy me a new, never had the chance of being used straight. Shes weird like that. She can't believe I use a used straight. So I like the looks of Straight Razor Designs, great prices, and honed by Lynn Abrams. I would like a 6/8 razor (currently using a 5/8) and have it narrowed down to the Bismark and Best Quality. So here are the questions.

1. Is there a difference between the two other than aesthetics?

2. When Lynn shows that razor what an edge is does he also inspect them for quality issues?

3. I'm assuming they come with some type of coffin. I can't find info on that.

Thanks for any responses.
The Best Quality and Bismark are both good choices.

The Bismark comes in a oval blue tin with a hinged lid and the Best comes in a plastic coffin IIRC. Both have a similar quality steel (if not identical) but the bismark is lighter and less stiff.
Both blades are good choices. I'd give the nod to the Bismark as the better shaver. In retrospect, it was a little heavier and fit my hand better. The sole reason one isn't in my rotation is that I "lent" it out. That and I prefer razors without gold wash. If it ever comes this way again, that gold is coming off.

Don't know if SRD inspects all the razors it sells. Don't know if it matters either. When I was buying Dovos, their quality control was much better than TI's. Much, much better.
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