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I currently use a disposable straight blade razor by Fromm with Fromm blades. Don't get me wrong, it does the job, but after reading many posts I feel as if I am missing out by not using a DOVO or Thiers Issard (or something of a higher quality). If you have opinions on this feel free to let me hear it. I am the only person I know who partakes in wet shaving, so I am left with seeking experienced opinions via B&B. Thanks for the input.


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Both those brands do some nice razors (bearing in mind, you will still probably need to get someone to hone it ready for you to use.)

Don't discount vintage blades, either. You might be able to find something just as serviceable, for less money, and with some history behind it.

You will need a strop, and possibly something to touch up the edge when stropping does not do the trick any more.

I say go for it. IMO disposable blade straights only give you half the experience.
A real straight with a strop really completes the experience IMO.

I don't know about the fromm but most people say that real straights are more forgiving and a little easier to use than the disposable blade straights.

Dovo and TI both make really good razors. You can also buy vintage straights for (usually) less money and still get just as good of a shave.
Get a vintage one in the BST, there are some ripper deals there - will be cheaper than a new dovo or ti
Vintage is awesome, but if it hasn't been maintained for a while (years-decades) be prepared to have to hone it a few times to get back into good steel.



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Do it.

Get a used but well prepared blade from someone here. If you enjoy it, you'll have a lot of new toys in your future.
I don't know whether the quality of the shave would be better, but coolness factor certainly will. I've been using the same 60$ vintage straight that I got on ebay for a couple years now. Most of them are advertised as shave ready but you can't always trust that.

Do it!
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