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What to do with this brush?

Hi All, I'm new to B&B and my name is Mark. OK, now that that's out of the way I need some advice and opinions about this shave brush I picked up yesterday at an antique mall. It is really a beautiful brush it's all clear and the bristles are nylon and on the bottom it says Opal Pure Nylon Sterilized. Now should I leave it original with the nylon bristles in place or should I remove them and get a Badger silver tip Knot. Part of me wants to keep it original and the other part wants to make it a more usable brush.
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Ditch the nylon bristle and re knot that baby.

I like the looks of the handle.

There are plenty of restore threads floating around to show you how.

But, you have to show pics when you are done.
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The only problem is that the handle is clear and the current nylon bristles are set in something purple that you can see through the handle. Now when I drill and clean out the old bristles and try to glue in a new knot, well I think it could leave a nasty mess that you could see from the outside of the handle.
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