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What to control in a hone: Keenness, Sharpness, Micro-convexity

Was browsing the Science of Sharp and ended up drawing a diagram to illustrate the concepts of Keenness, Sharpness, and Micro-convexity (0.5u is just an example of a good, for some people's shaving experience, value of keenness in the presence of micro-convexity; 16 degrees is a good value for the bevel to ensure strength till the edge):

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Not sure if you get the sharpness with and without micro convexity right?
Not sure, but guess:
  1. after honing, edge looks as in the red outline -- sharpness is small and the keen tip of the edge is weak;
  2. then stropping initially breaks off the (weakly supported) tip of the edge resulting in coarse keenness but increased sharpness (green outline but with the wedge being straight all the way); micro-convexity is still absent;
  3. continued stropping curves the tip and results in finer keenness as in green outline with wedge ending with a curve -- micro-convexity is now present.

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