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The wife's investment
That's a pretty small stash to be concerned over. It hasn't spilled into another living space. :w00t:
Well, after all these years at least I’m only stocking up on the stuff that I actually use. No more binge speculation buys. I’ve moved a few times in the 15 years I’ve been on B&B, so much of my non critical stash is still in moving boxes, somewhere.
After *much* personal angst, I decided that the wheel turns. I'll get a refill of whatever is being sold as Tabac when I need it and see if I like it. If not, it will be a great excuse to look for a new favorite.

Nothing is forever ... (Except ARKO and Ach Brita evidently.)


The wife's investment
And another thing. Fifteen years ago, if I had spent money this recklessly I’d be in big trouble with the family. An empty nest definitely enables one to look after their own needs more carefully.


Goose Poop Connoisseur
I never got into the soap craze but did try most of the classics. Because of all this tallow hate going on, I just made an Arko commitment by amassing about a kilo and have no excuse not to dedicate myself to using it. I do have a few tubes of Palmolive and Kapo creams so I can keep any backsliding internal. Also, I haven’t bought another straight razor I don’t need in at least a year. I’m making progress in spite of all you enablers even without weekly meetings of Shavers Anonymous
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