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What Tea/Tisane Are You Drinking?

After going without for a few months, found a local (brick and mortar) source of Ty-Phoo tea. Enjoying my second cup. I was quickly reminded how much I love Ty-Phoo.
I just got this in, never tried it before, anyone here have it before? Prob be a cpl more days until i finish off my harneys breakfast im doing now.

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Gaba 18 or ‘Ruby Gaba’ as it’s packaged brewed Gong Fu style. One of my favourite Oolong’s and the only one I like from Taiwan.

Earlier today was my unholy mix of Stash's Lapsang with their Earl Grey 2x bermagot. The EG really does have too much bermagot for my taste, though it smells nice enough. And the Lapsang is also somewhat lacking in the flavor department, though I'm fond of the smoky scent. I don't think the Grey will ever get a repeat purchase from me, though the Lapsang seems to be good for "this (darker) tea tastes weird; let's add something to it." In particular, it seems like a good way to salvage some shupu that I otherwise wouldn't drink.

Of Stash's offerings, I think the Irish Breakfast is the best, though the leaf pieces are so small I suspect they aren't too much better than bagged tea. Still, at $7/100g or ~$15/lb they're pretty easy on the wallet. I really need to order some nicer teas. . . Preferably from somewhere other than Amazon. :001_rolle
After reading a Facebook post by GL Pease, where he calls Lapsang Souchong tea the latakia version of the tea family, I had to order some.

I don't get the reference. :001_unsur

Did you try it yet? What do you think of it? So far, in my (small) sampling of folks around me, 100% of the men liked the smokiness and 100% of the women hated the scent (wouldn't touch the stuff) and compared it to dirty, smelly shoes. :lol: