What style of facial hair do you have?

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    Had a cookie duster all my life.

    Had a massive (never trimmed) beard for 25 years. Last 10 years clean shaven except for the stash.
  1. Currently I have a circle beard. I have worn just a Stache in the past and a full beard as well. Work mates said I looked like grizzly Adams, grandmother said Charles Manson. Thanks Mommie :)
  2. troy

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    Still haven't cut the winter beard back. Not sure if I'm going to cut it or let it go for another season This is the longest I've ever had it and I kind of want to see just how far it will go, but I'm starting to feel like it's getting in the way and getting into things I'd it rather not.
  3. cleanshaved

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    Funny that, I just got told I look like grizzly Adams by a work mate today.
    I think that is a bit of a reach, as it's not that long.
  4. Mine wasn't too far off back in the day.

    Found this public domain picture:
  5. Beard trimmings via seatbelt. :)
  6. troy

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    Haven't had any issues with the seatbelt yet, but have caught it in pliers or wire strippers when working in tight spots like above a ceiling or under a counter top. Also starting to block the TV when laying in bed.
  7. cleanshaved

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  8. troy

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    You may not have the length of grizzly, but I think you have him on thread count. Great beard!
  9. cleanshaved

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    The wife has now changed her view on it and wants me to keep it.
    It's now going on a three month old beard. Maybe a few months away from grizzly length.
  10. troy

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    Yea, a few months would get you there or at least real close in length. Good to hear your wife likes it now. twenty years ago my wife (girlfriend at the time) didn't want me to grow a beard. A few years ago my brother shaved his circle beard off, my wife told me to never shave mine all the way off.
  11. Once it gets past a certain length, that seems to happen a lot. Your past the hardest part now though. SHMBO :)
  12. cleanshaved

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    Now that's impressive!

    Sometimes I think it is just change that is not liked.

    A few off my friends who have had beards for years and then shave just don't look right at first.
    While letting it grow is a gradual change, shaving it off is a instant change of face.
  13. I think a lot of it is that they look sickly. People's faces are generally in the sun quite a bit, even with office jobs, unless they work at night. Shave a beard off and your lower face is extremely pale, something that normally indicate a person is ill.
  14. troy

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  15. I have a short beard. I keep my cheeks and neck shaved and lined up. I get it trimmed every month and sometimes I trim it down to stubble myself when I'm tired of it. I've had a beard since late spring of 2015. The longest I've let it go without a trim was three months and I looked pretty wild. I've been clean shaved less than 10 times since I started growing a beard. I get a lot of favorable comments on it and most prefer me with a beard because I look too young without one.
  16. Balbo beard with a lampshade moustache, both trimmed short.
  17. <---- Removed my circle, growing what will become a handlebar moustache. After holiday family photos will grow some form of a beard back, probably a goatee or circle. Might delay some because learning SR razor right now as well.
  18. mlp2147

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    Here is mine in January.[​IMG]

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  19. Mustache and two foot long red goatee.

    See avatar.

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