What style of facial hair do you have?

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    Thanks! And yes, I am. I admit I haven't kept up with them in over a decade, but that has more to do with getting old and complacent than disinterest in the band.
  1. [​IMG]

    Awesome stache, Beefbisquit! Envy guys who can get their stache to do what yours does off to the sides.
  2. That's what my stache does all on its own... lol I don't use wax....
  3. Caddies fan myself for 20 years.... lol

    Their last 3 albums have been really solid....
  4. You wear it well.

    Still have it?
  5. I do not. It was a fun experiment, but it is potent woman repellent. Good thing I shaved it off too, judging by the reaction of my current lady friend when I told her I used to have a mustache. I'm not sure we would have gotten to date 2 had I still been rocking the Selleck.
  6. That's fine...bide your time....

    Once you've been married a while, grow it back...:001_cool:
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    image.jpg Beach vacation beard
  8. Full rounded trimmed pretty tight.
  9. I had the opposite experience. Had only had the moustache a few months when I met my wife. That was 36 years ago. It is very much a Selleck style. I cut it off one Sunday morning a few years later and the first words out of her mouth were "grow it back!" I started growing it back immediately. Since October 1981 I have not had it for maybe 2 or 3 days.

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  10. I chalk that up to generational differences. Facial hair seems to fall in and out of favor every few decades and mustaches were pretty popular in the 80s, if memory serves. Women in my generation are less keen on mustaches, though beards have thankfully become more acceptable/desirable in the last decade.
  11. Could be. I have had a beard at times too. When I grow it in now its snow white. I still have color in the mustache though.

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  12. Did your beard survive, if your vacation has ended?
  13. After being clean shaven since mid-January, the girlfriend mentioned she's okay with some scruff so I'm growing the beard back out, but will keep it pretty closely trimmed since she doesn't dig on Grizzly Adams.
  14. Congrats!! Welcome back! I went from having a moustache and goatee and shaving with a straight razor to a full beard about 10 years ago. I miss straight razor shaving but not as much as I would miss having my beard.
  15. My facial hair qualifies as "mangey". Thus I must shave
  16. Update since my post on page 4...
    For the past year or so I've been wearing a handlebar mustache. There just was not enough shaving to do with a circle beard.

    This is how it looks au natural (wax-free):

    The three-quarter view is to disguise the fact that it is not perfectly balanced. I have not figured out how to fix that yet.
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  17. That's a handlebar going on Nietzsche!
  18. a hair dryer and a round brush are some of the best tools for the natural style. i also like a little lanolin to condition it after i get it in shape with the brush and some heat. it looks like you have done good letting it grow everywhere.

    also you will be more critical than any other observer of your mustache.. most people will not know it is not perfectly balanced.
  19. Full beard

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