What style of facial hair do you have?

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    Handlebars, sometime western, and a goatee.
  1. troy

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    Awesome stache and goat combo! :thumbup:
  2. Thank you. I have all you guys here to thank for helping and encouraging me to grow it.

  3. Mine is a Commander Riker-style beard and mustache, neatly trimmed (though I unfortunately look nothing like him in any other respect):


    I grew mine, as it happened, about 5-6 months before he popped up on Star Trek: The Next Generation with his.
  4. troy

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    Ah, the Riker beard that's a great look. I was too young to grow a beard while The Next Generation was running, and a little too young to have been watching it during the first season. When I started watching he already had the beard. I remember the first time I saw a re-run with him clean shaven I didn't even recognize him at first. Definitely a great decision for him to grow it.
  5. When I first saw it, I thought it made him look like a tough U-Boat commander instead of the tall young Kirk-clone he'd been in Season One.

    I've thought of going to the mustache and chin thing, the "circle beard" I think people call it here -- the Hans Gruber look. But if I didn't like it, regrowing the whole beard would be a major hassle. People at work would be asking, "What happened to your beard?" And I'd have more facial real estate to shave.

    (Wait. That's not necessarily a bad thing.)
  6. 2341FA13-5942-4C71-B5C3-CA9D7DCA4AA9.jpeg All right, time to show off my first-ever solo mustache.
  7. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving. The mustache hasn't changed much over the years, except for the coloration.

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  8. I've settled somewhere between beardstache and beard/epic mustache combo. 20171218_203246.jpg
  9. Holy cow, that is an epic mustache. Bravo!
  10. troy

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    Great staches guys!
    Looks like a beard epic mustache combo to me!
  11. I may have missed my morning shave for the past week or two. This where I am so far. FullSizeRender-2.jpg
  12. troy

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    Very nice! Is it naturally that straight?
  13. I wish!
  14. troy

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    Well, whatever you're doing it's working. I couldn't imagine ever getting mine that straight.
  15. Straightening Iron. Small sized one. It's a bit of a Pain in the *** but works well. Beard oil to condition and beard balm to tame down the occasional uncooperative hairs.
  16. Had a stache and goatee until 8 years ago and then grew a full beard. For about a year I maintained it at the biggest it was ever at which was this length...
    WP_20160522_17_53_19_Pro (2).jpg
    In June 2016, after constantly receiving negative comments, trimmed it to the length it was before growing it bigger and where its at today...
  17. Wow! You've got an incredible stache! Nice!!
  18. Thanks. It takes a bit of work, but I've been enjoying it.
  19. Cranky old man wearing a beret look.


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