What style of facial hair do you have?

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    I have had some sort of facial hair (mostly this, but a goat as well at times) since October 1981 - except for about 3 days. Once I cut it off because my wife had never seen me without it except in a photograph. She just said "grow it back" so I did. Did the same thing one other time when we went to see her family-two days that time might be pushing it. Both were in the 1980's. Probably mid 80's.
  1. circle right now, had a Van Dyke but SWMBO didn't like it, moving to a anchor by stealth:tongue_sm
  2. I'm about 8 weeks in to a full beard. Wife doesn't like it at all. I have laid down the law, however, and told her it's here too stay. For now.
  3. I pretty much go clean shaven or as like right now a full beard. I do trim the stray hairs high on cheeks and straighten neckline, not into the all out mountain/wild man beard. Probably only going to let it grow a month before taking it off. Already starting to bother me at 8 days and I have to wear a beard net at work. Also had Wolverine chops for a short time.
  4. BIG Stache , Below my Bottom Lip , Handlebar a la natural
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    nice eyebrow arch
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    this is mine for the past 6 or 7 years. $11084294_10206153918346830_2012107093611841854_n.jpg
  7. circle beard/goatee. I have settled on this look
  8. Here is a pic from a few months ago.

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  9. I'll give you one guess.
  10. I was having so much fun coming back to a DE razor (after 30 years of disposables) that I figured I needed more real estate to shave.
    Last night I went from my full beard (as seen in my current avatar) to the Circle beard that I had up till 3-4 years ago.
    Although mine is somewhat fuller and wider, I think, which makes me look more like a Schnauzer.

    After I finished with clippers and razor I noticed the pale tan lines coming down from my sideburns. Always a hazard when reducing beards in the summer. :blush:
  11. Starting my moustache again. The end goal can be found by googling "AR 670-1 Grooming ".
  12. Usually it's the Van Dyke or Circle Beard. For Christmas I've been known to grow in the full beard.
  13. Full Handlebar Mustache (waxed , if I want to , if not natural)
  14. Handlebar for 7 months.
  15. Full beard with a shaved neckline. I shave my neckline every other day and take the clippers to my beard about once a month, or whever it gets shaggy enough that it starts to get itchy or my wife starts to complain that I look a little too, "mountain man". She likes a little scruff but her dad looked like Grizzly Adams, so she doesnt want her husband to look like that.
  16. I've been trying different styles lately, but this is the one I have right now

  17. I havenĀ“t been in here for a year or two and look where it landed me! Lots of unused shaving gear is where:


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  18. [​IMG]
  19. $IMG_1800.jpg
    Long chin...pretty ragged right now, recovering from a surgery- 48 and still can't get the full beard...maybe when I grow up...lol

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