What style of facial hair do you have?

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    Hopefully this is in the right section. I was wondering for those you you that keep some sort of facial hair, what style do you keep?

    If I could grow a full beard, I'd probably have that style with a shaved neckline. I'm 23 years old and have patches still in my beard..It hasn't matured much over the past 3-4 years. I can get away with a "Young mans beard" but would rather not sport the patches so I generally wear a goatee with sideburns. My current style is sideburns + solo goatee.
  1. I'm 32 and still have patches. I started a Van Dyke about 2 months ago. I'm going for a handlebar but it's pretty weak so far. Still having fun with it though. I am thinking of shaving what little bit connects the goatee and 'stache for some separation, but i'm not sure yet. The front of my chin doesn't grow much and the middle of my 'stache is thin too.
  2. That's not a bad style man. Looks pretty good to me! I think you should shave everything except for the soul patch and stache..that would look cool! :001_smile
  3. August West

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    A circle beard.

  4. Good ole door knocker...that's a style I grow a lot. I want to do a solo stache but it takes so long for my mustache to properly fill in :blushing:
  5. I am kinda Fred Flintstone. Decent overall beard with concentration like Fred's

  6. My wife HATES the goat. She suggested the same thing. This makes 2 in the same day in fact. I am seriously considering it. Thanks for the input, bud.
  7. Yup np man! Post a pic here if you decide to change it up
  8. Full summer beard (cropped with #4 clipper). (Best I can do with the Louisiana heat!)
  9. Full beard, kept short... and a full handlebar mustache.
  10. None, it went white and the wife asked to see me without any. I shaved and she said she liked it, so it's gone.
  11. I sport a Van Dyke. Most people call those a Goatee but if you research that, a Goatee doesn't include a moustache.
  12. Not true.

  13. Full rounded beard with mustache that I like to keep short
  14. Sporting the solo stache now. This is a style I always come back too...idk if it's the easy maintenance or the feeling of having shaved skin or the manly look...or all the above. Not many younger guys I see sporting the solo stache...It's creepy or whatever they say..I think it looks bad ***.
  15. I tried it and it didn't work for me....clean shaven. I'll start over this fall. I miss it already though.

  16. I think that looks cool man! idk why you shaved lol :001_rolle
  17. troy

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    Right now it is a circle beard. I used to also keep a chin strap with it, but when I started using a I got rid of it to have more room for learning strokes and angles. Come winter I will let it go and just clean up the neck and the few weird ones almost up to the eyeballs.
  18. Western Handlebar
  19. Alas I am now once again, clean shaven. :sad:

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