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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Today's shave with Stirling Varen ...

Now I’m wondering if you can make a hone out of that stone @Edmund A ?

Iwasaki Swedish steel kamisori with a kiita edge, software was AdP wannabees, SV Asylum Colonia beta 4.3 and Fine Italian Citrus AS. The SV Colonia is great soap, and the scent is good but lacks some of the more delicate or nuanced notes that AdP cream scent has, but still an excellent scent. The Fine IC surprised me, it’s quite close to AdP. A Semogue Galahad did the lathering.

AdP Colonia type scents are great any time of the year, but it’s particularly nice in summer I think.

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I still have the "factory" edge on mine. I don't think I can improve on it. I will leave it be for as long as I can.

My technique is lagging when it comes to the smaller, lighter 5/8. The blade "skips" a little in the tough parts of my beard, and this makes me a little more hesitant. I'll park this up for a while and come back to it once I have confident one pass shave working reliably, and see how I go then.
Try using it like a slant razor. At a slight angle to the direction of travel. I find this makes a world of difference.
Slummed it with the cheapest shave I could muster.

Arko - The King of slick. Performs well but a newly opened one is so overpowering and lingers for hours. That's what the guy in the picture is smiling at.

Gold Dollar 208 - Haven't used this since I got it. It really needs a new edge but I powered through. Can't remember what edge is on it but it's not good and a coticule beckons.

Homemade badger - purposely made with the same amount of hair as a Simpson equivalent (26 grams) which means it's not as high density as others I've made. Haven't used this much either so it still has a tiny bit of badger smell and sheds a hair or two but still a good brush with lovely gel tips which you can zoom in on.

Shave 2 - 20220505.jpg

Edit: 208 not 206. That's how much I care about this thing.
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Lovely morning shave! Filarmonica 13 Medallon Taurino with hard black Ark finish, Simpson Manchurian K4, Antica Barbieria Colla Almond hard soap, and D.R. Harris Windsor aftershave.

Had not used the hard black Ark for about a year - excellent, comfortable edge. First drive in Windsor - I like it! The Manchurian Simpson is just killing it - custom order - really happy I pulled the trigger on this one. And the Fili may not look like much, but this sucker sure can shave.

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