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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Homemade best badger

It doesn’t get much better than this. I’m glad that I spent some more time on the 1k to sort this razor out. After a couple of sessions on the arks it’s really singing again.

Two pass perfection. Smooth, comfortable and not a hint of alum sting anywhere. This could be my best SR shave to date.

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Two natural stones local find thanks to dear Great Friend ORKUN !!! I tested with Gold Dollars.
Right Blue One works perfect with slurry. From zero to shave ready in 40 minutes it is not a fast stone but very comfortable shave.
Left the grey one, works after 1K King. I did not arrive to set the bevel with this one and I followed the instruction of Dear Friend ORKUN and grab the King 1K and when I am done with the King 1K, I works some 10 minutes without slurry and reached to a shave ready edge.
I tested both during this morning shave.
Both edge are very comfortable. It is hard to difrentiate which SR honed with which stone.
So both stones deserve a decent spot on my SROTD.
Brush: Jaguar 117/24
AS: Homemade
5/8 FA Clauberg "Halberd" / vintage Colgate + modern Old Spice = a smooth DFS for #24. Stopped using this one after (using a loupe) I noticed a spot in the middle where the edge appeared off--one side has what I initially thought was a rolled edge, series of micro chips or missing edge, but the other side of the edge appears clean and even. I'm beginning to think it's a shadow being cast by either a slightly rolled, or a wire edge that stropping hasn't removed and it's still hanging on. It passed several HHTs so I stropped and used it this morning without issues, but I'm still planning to rework/touchup the edge to eliminate the "issue" without resetting the bevel.
Halberd Shave 3.jpg
Still trying to figure out how to create a fine edge. Using one of the AC coticules and finishing on the ILR premium. Haven't made it to the shave yet, but today is the first day I have stropped on linen/leather after "honing". I have a razor in TX with B&B member Pedigree getting a full treatment. I will use this razor as a baseline for how awful my honing skills are...
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