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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Case Brothers
A&E Asian Pear
SOC boar
Case Brothers was short-lived, founded in 1900 by, you got it, some of the Case Brothers from Cattaraugus Cutlery. In 1912 the factory burned down and the owners ended up at WR Case. This razor does show the “Tested XX” trademark seen on WR Case razors.

I honed this with my first attempt at a mostly Ark progression. Was not happy with the first shave, tuggy and harsh feeling. So I did a pasted balsa progression. It is now smooth and I would call it mild rather than tuggy. So likely will take another shot at it, thinking to start either with a hard Ark or my Snow White 8k depending on whether I want to stick with Arks for the mid-range.
Vintage Kama 78 1/2
22.17 wide
La lune edge
16x, prior to shave, marvelous sharp smooth amazing comfortable edge
My lune has been setting idle as i have been testing new jnat and blk ark , pulled it out as member ask me my opinions, wanted a fresh perspective
Excellent stone , still testing but amazing shave, comfortable sharp edge
I'm back and I'm bad...

Back from playing with a rare Super Slant.
Bad because I took poor notes from the initial shave test with this razor, back in July. Re-test...

Naked eye - not bad
Hanging hair - I downplayed a poor result mid-blade
Shave test - yep, tip shaves well, middle not at all

A.W.Wadsworth XLNT - a clean classic, just needs attention to the edge. My honing/restoration queue has gone from 'good progress' to 'Mayday' very very quickly. I bought more razor sleeves just for the queue! Wet weather will drive me back to the workbench soon.

Finished the shave with a September slant, explaining my nonchalant attitude.
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