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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Dorko 42,
I think this is my 7th shave
While other shave were awesome, they were not spectacular
All prior shaves were 6k and up as I assume bevel was good,, well went back to 2k, cherry tomato test pass), 6,8,12k nani,,,
Shave spectacular
My initial foundation was not good
Heavy grind and a great edge, whiskers have no chance
Amazing BBS,,,,
Post smoothness of edge no irritation

Is the MK 32 a 5/8 or an 6/8? I see them advertised as 5/8 some places. I have been considering getting one, but my preferred size is 6/8.
The confusion might lies in how the blade is measured. The manufacturer measurement is of the ground part of the blade, whereas when measuring used razor we measure the entire width of the blade. A good example of that are the 14 which indicates they are sold as 7/8 yet measure a full inch of total width when in mint condition.


Ask me about shaving naked!
First outing for the C. Miln, quite a good shave but I think that it could be better with a little more ‘love on the rocks’, lol. Something for tomorrow I suppose. The steel makes a Tornblöm look soft. Cream and AS were Acqua di Parma and a M&F Finest did the lathering.

Dorko 42
Shave #8 with this razor
First 6 shaves awesome but not marvelous
In fact, was starting not to like razor,
Went back bevel set 2k, 6, 8, 12nani
Shaves now simply marvelous as previously jnat work did not have good foundation,,,
She now shaves feels totally different,,, im loving the near wedge now, weight of blade and maneuvering
This is now a totally different razor and almost fav status in rotation , but edge must be correct
Also while i own amazing naturals for edge bless
Kudos and props to 12k nani super-stone, my first stone before falling off the cliff,
Superlative shave 🪒
Noble Otter Firefighter, Soap and Splash
Cheers all
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