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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


Ask me about shaving naked!
There were a lot of new experiences today, heck why not try several new things at once? Just jump into the deep end of the pool!

First, the edge on the user-grade Filly 14 is from a wonderfully pure, smooth, and beautiful Nakayama kiita on a stand that just never quite get the edge to ‘10’. So after my usual thin slurry finish, I washed it off and did +40 light clear water finish strokes, with the last 20 being very short strokes. Iwasaki said that if you use very short strokes the pressure just disappears, and he’s right. I was shooting to get a maximum polish on the edge. Verdict: It worked, a great edge.

Shaving cream was Bullgoose Asylum Shave Works Aloe, their sensitive skin version. The scent is a very light aloe/eucalyptus note, but this particular cream is essentially unscented, as you might expect from a sensitive skin cream. Think scent intensity similar to T&H Ultimate Comfort and you’re close. It’s a thin cream, like a tube cream, yet it took a lot of water with ease. Performance leaves nothing to be desired except if it gets dry, it’s a bit tacky so if you’re buffing over shaved skin with a SR, you might want to rub wet fingers over that area beforehand. Post shave is excellent. Verdict: a solid cream but if you want scent strength, you might want to choose a different scent. Note to our UK gentlemen, this is an English cream made by one of the notable manufacturers. It’s a solid performer, but if you’re in England/UK there would be no reason to pay the shipping vs buying one of the excellent familiar English creams that we all know and love.

AS was Myrsol Formula C, new to my stable of Myrsol after shaves, which are my ‘daily driver’ alcohol splashes. The scent has been described as ‘watermelon’, and that’s pretty close though it changes slightly on dry down and is light and very pleasant. I’m glad that I got it when I did, the scent is definitely oriented toward warmer weather. There’s supposed to be some menthol kick to it but I did not feel much. It also seems very conditioning, up there with Limon and Plastic Shave. Verdict: Winner!

In all the first day of school excitement I forgot to take a picture today, here is one in b/w from Sunday. Same E.A. Berg from the last couple days. Sunday's shave wasn't great. I touched it up and got the edge dialed in and yesterday it was pretty good, but harsh. I think a lot of that was technique--today was pretty darn good. I have to remind myself not to use too high a shave angle with these little 4/8 blades. There's not much difference between just right and too aggressive. Ironically, now that I have two assorted 7 day sets assembled, I find myself spending more time on the same razor, just to assure myself I'm getting the most out of it. We'll see whether I move on tomorrow or not!
Ok few shave notes
First time wd40, honestly edge was allready amazing blk ark,, retouch using wd40, 30x
Sharp and smooth, more smoother, surprisingly results,, Noble Otter Firefighter omitted any fire or burn,,,cheers all
Runaway razor...

It's September, I am doubling up and using a slant DE in my shave every day. Heck, I just dropped a century and a half on an elusive vintage slant.

Nonetheless, my SRs continue to have a hive mind of their own. They've eliminated almost all my facial hair. They continue to whittle down my pitifully short sideburns. They surreptitiously nibble at my new goatee. Today my 6/8 TI 1937 Spécial-Coiffeur ran away at the start of pass 2 and tried to eliminate the last stubble standing before my slantifed Old Type could even get off the line.

It was still a great shave, and much closer to noon than midnight. Straight, uncut Osage Rub tells me that my new shave territory is finally toughening up. No tears, just some willpower got me through splash down.
The struggle...
Mostly French and first time using MDC.

P. Hospital Le Grelot 196 Le Petite Coiffeur
Semogue 2015 HD
MDC Fougere
Fine Fresh Vetiver

When I bought the Le Grelot on the BST, the member graciously included the MDC sample.

After having used about 25 different soaps, including half a dozen vegan soaps, I am impressed with MDC. Very different than I expected. Light with excellent protection. Feels very clean and easily rinses off your blade and brush. Not like the other vegan soaps that I have experienced - and that includes Pre de Provence. This is the first vegan soap that I would like to use.

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MdC likes lots of water.
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Brian Brown 6/8 | Simpson Duke 3 Silvertip | Mitchell's Wool Fat | Lustray Blue Spice — I'm still freeloading on the delightful edge @Matt O left on this Brian Brown :)

HA! When it needs a refresh, send it back…I used Nakayama Kiita slurry sprayed onto the finishing stone that I used on that razor, and it turned out to be one of the best edges I have finished yet! Like a best of everything sort of edge!


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