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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

And you know what? I face lather almost exclusively! If I might ask, why do you say that? The handles? I do like my Barber's handles!
IMHO those longer handles are perfect for bowl lathering.
I have several Rooneys and the Victorian is my favorite for
bowl lathering. I love my 2XL the most but mt hands get
pretty soapy when bowl lathering with it.
Razor: Japanese Parker 510, Swedish steel
Edge: By Alfredo
Soap: Barrister & Mann Bay Rum
Brush: High Mountain White knot set in jade by Elite Razor
After splash: Lucky Tiger

This blade came in with a smile at one end and a frown on the other. I could never have honed this and @Doc226 outdid himself here. The shave was quite smooth with no irritation. I found that the Barrister & Mann produced the richest lather I have made to date. I only have a small sample but will buy a full puck when it runs out. Best to all and stay safe!



Ask me about shaving naked!
I’ve been testing stones for the past two days, a piece of Italian slate from a pool table and a new JNat. This is actually yesterday’s shave with the slate edge and it was excellent - details in the honing thread. Soap was Stirling Lime and the AS was Myrsol Limon, a great hot weather pair, and a Keyhole 3 did the lathering honors.

Today’s shave was with the same razor honed on a new JNat, so I won’t bore you with the same razor two days in a row. Here’s an oldie but a still a nice pair.

89FE31C3-8B2F-4F2F-8B49-BFB191678AF8.jpeg 3F03C6F4-F988-495E-9C28-839B94336F1F.jpeg
Filimonica 13 6/8 ,
Bring new, got hit with fili bug, ( you guys fault posting pics,) snagged my first fili off bay
Was quickly advised that it is stongly recommended that purchasing a fili, to look for JMP mark on tang as 3rd gen and 4th quality issues
( rookie mistake)., but luckily above razor most likely a 3rd gen model

Razor honed up but took longer than what was used too but surprisingly razor had never bern honed and took longer,,, upon honing up razor took a fabulous edge i got about 30 marvelous shaves and could probably go longer
Luckily this blank was an excellent grind, and a gem ,,,,,
Few notes, strongly recommend if buying Fili, obtain one with JMP, and dont be afraid to consult with experts in this forum, i was lucky as this razor is an amazing shaver
Special thanks to forum member who educated me
Luckily this is a marvelous razor and grind
I own another jmp 13,,,it’s amazing as well but this 13 Novodor has different grind than my other 13
Both amazing but surprisingly different shavers
New jnat edge
Shave superb

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