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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


Ask me about shaving naked!
13/16 Hishakaku 500, named after a character in the 19t0s cult yakuza film and one of the best made Japanese razors that I’ve ever seen. The fit and finish is almost sword grade, and even though it’s 1/4 hollow, it’s difficult to hone because the bevels are so thin they’re difficult to see. Cream was SMN and a splash of Myrsol Agua Balsamica finished up a perfect shave.

Cherub 2070 13/16th’s
Grooming Dept Unscented Preshave
Noble Otter Monarch Shave Soap
Lucky Tiger Face Tonic
Noble Otter Monarch Aftershave Splash
Stirling Executive Man Aftershave Balm
Caswell & Massey No. 6 Cologne Spray
Heritage Collection Every-Ready 26mm Silver Tip Badger Brush
8FDB8065-B1F4-4F35-AA77-AE3D382E06E7.jpeg 3E482F4F-4CED-4336-A15C-8DF38023A8FF.jpeg 966A11E3-4820-4F6D-AD7E-4D752E3CF758.jpeg
Taking a break from the razor challenge I was doing but made it half way haha. This week I have been abusing the filarmonica by honing and shaving every day. Been testing out some tomos I had and polished the surface of the stone up a bit. Usually I just lap it with worn 325 but I used my kiita and got both stone tops nice and smooth. Noticeable improvements on an already spectacular finishing stone. Also working on honing with stone on table Instead of hand honing.

Soap has been Klar klassik I recently got for a good deal.

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