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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


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No pic but had my best shave ever with a SR this morning!! Finally learning to add in what works for me and make the razor mine. Two day growth, AOS preshave oil. Tabac, mystery brush. Hart 5/8 w/coco bolo scales, pasted balsa edge. Two passes, WTG and ATG. Managed something between a CCS and a DFS. Still much to learn but this was my first shave with a straight were it ‘clicked’
Fredk Fenney “Magnum Bonum” near wedge
A&E Asian Pear
Semogue 1250

First shave for me with the Fenney. This is very likely the oldest razor I’ve ever shaved with, according to some notes I found Fenney was in business in the 2nd quarter of the 19th century. A few nicks, but overall shave was very close. A great deal of time was spent during the honing process trying to remove some chips from the already smiling toe. But very happy with results in what is for me the ultimate toe test - the XTG pass underneath the nose. You do have to pay close attention when using a heavier razor that has no jimps!

Scales are wooden and may be original. There is no wedge, they just carved the wedge feature into each half of the scales. I am doubtful that the pins are original as they seem to be in really good condition.

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