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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


Taylor's Eye Witness, The 1000
Arko Stick (nearing the end, but 4 on hand)
Simpsons Duke 3 in Best
Pinaud Clubman

The open Osma box indicates that I started a new alum block today. Dropped the nub of the old one and a quarter-sized chunk became three sub-dime-sized pieces. Too small for these fumbling paws. The new block feels HUGE!

Zero feedback from the alum, but the Clubman burned like fire! Weird...
$137 Filarmonica today...I am happy to report that it shaves as well as any razors I have used, and the new technique I watched on YouTube for finishing on an Escher was a huge success for my shave today! I couldn’t be happier!

I hope that everyone has a great rest of the weekend!



9F2F3E2C-D9A5-4019-AFBD-C1DFCE10367E.jpeg 4E02EC60-A32F-4BA5-AF32-2404BE8EFC45.jpeg FEEFB2F0-C668-4C36-9AE2-A98A0FA77CAA.jpeg B43677F4-5853-41CC-BDBC-223114918477.jpeg


Ask me about shaving naked!
Greaves near wedge
TOBS lavender cream
Semogue 1250

Last shave with the Greaves were underwhelming. Felt harsh and whisker removal was sub-par. Took it back to black ark and then repeated the pasted balsa progression. Today went much better. Less harsh, more whisker removal.

I have a couple more old Sheffields on my bench right now. I find them an order of magnitude harder to hone than say much newer Japanese blades.

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