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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

RAZOR: Comoy's of London 6/8"
CREAM: Nobble Otter - Barrbarr
BRUSH: Maggards Best Badger knot
STROP: Dovo hanging leather

Literally just finished the shave using NO Barrbarr (thanks Wilkshire13 for the sample). It was soft and squished to the bottom of the bowl, added a little water and got a good lather. It was slick and cushioning and gave a great shave. To me it smells sweet and a bit like ginger bread. Quite nice.


Ask me about shaving naked!
Round 2 with the orihi kamisori, The Yama-Dai (top) is now honed and in good order, and was ‘butterknife’ smooth. The tapered one was good, but noticeably not as smooth as the other two - it’s fighting me a little. Always a problem child in the lot with straights! So back to the hones once again, but the bevel is good so there will not be much wear, just a refinish. Not that there would be a lot anyway, these razors are of super hard steel.

Soap was I Coloniali Mango Oil and the balm IC Rhubarb. A Keyhole 3 did the lathering. Super nice shave, powdered BBS.

LINDEN 127 Silver Steel 76mm blade Japanese Straight Razor by T Tanifuji
Wholly Kaw Fougere Mania soap and splash
Edge and shave amazing
Edge, 2k glass, 6khc glass, finish with rare polishing film 0.3, 3-4 swipes across palm only few drip water
No stopping just few strokes
Sharp and butter smooth edge , amazing samari razor
Pivot pin needs tightened but care needed until tighten

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