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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Half a shave.

This thread gave me a hankering for a Japanese SR shave. I have this in the honing queue:
A quick test with just the 12k finish hone and the balsa progression did not revive it.

My only shave ready Japanese steel, Nichiri 300 Manaslu. But what is with this marking on the reverse?
I'd fooled around with the Super Cross 1000 Super Doll for so long I got in one Manaslu pass and was hustled out to the car with just an SAS. Bedtime second shave with my Mingoose finally smoothed things up. Good night, all!
Torrey 6/8
Pacific Shaving Company
SOC Boar

For now continuing with my post-FFFMM practice - try to use each razor 2 days in a row to up the familiarity. That said the Torrey got me thru 3-passes with no irritation or cuts on Day 1. Am I beginning to have a change of heart about favorite grind? The Torrey is very hollow, feedback much more audible than recent choices. I like the noise, but the shave did not seem as close as I have gotten from recent stiffer blades. Anyway, this is the point of the new rotation, it will get another shot tomorrow! :)

RAZOR: Comoy's of London 6/8"
CREAM: Derby
BRUSH: Zenith 208 with Best Badger knot
STROP: Dovo double sided hanging leather
First time using Derby and it was a cracker of a shave. Derby, Arko's cousin, makes a rich slick cushioning lather that gave an awesome shave.
RAZOR: Comoy's of London 6/8"
BRUSH: Jack the Barber synthetic knot
STROP: Dovo double sided hanging leather

OPPS! Looks like I never pushed the post button on yesterday's post. Lea was a good soap and will make an excellent travel stick along with the synthetic brush and Chinese blade.
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