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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


James Barlow & Sons
WK Fougere Bouquet
Heritage Collection Merit 99-5
Old Spice Classic

I originally bought this razor because it reminded me of my boyhood infatuation with pocket knives. Who hasn't heard of, and probably owned, a Barlow Knife? It's turned out to be one of my best shavers. Good Old James was quite the craftsman.
Ludo Red Imp Wedge
TOBS lavender
SOC Boar
Col Conk mug

Today’s shave was 8/10, which for me means one of my best ever! I haven’t strictly counted my SR shaves, but I started my SR journey in mid-October and sometime in the past week or two I should have passed the 100 shave mark. The brush made a great lather such that I had leftovers after the 3rd pass, the soap was slick on my face, and the SR removed whiskers without leaving my face feeling raw. I even pulled off a half-decent execution of a Fool’s Pass! I have not quite reached the level of Zen that others talk about, but I think I can see it from where I am now.

Oh and since I have 3 wedges among my ~20 SRs, I am declaring this another Wedge Wednesday! :)

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